The CHISA Congresses are concededly one of the most important events in chemical engineering all over the world. Its tradition is quite long: the series of Congresses CHISA started in 1962 in Brno, Czech Republic, then in 1965 and 1969 continued in Mariánské Lázně, and since 1972 the Congresses have been held in Prague - first each third year, later each second year. It is interesting that although the majority of prestigious scientific conferences is still changing the venue these days and trying to apply the turistic aspect that way, the interest in CHISA Congresses which have been almost 40 years held in the same place does definitely not decline. Except the tradition, well structured program and high-quality organisation, there is concededly the important „added value“ of prague genius loci.

The word CHISA originates from the Czech acronym for “Chemical Engineering, Chemical Equipment Design and Automation”. The national Conferences CHISA are held regularly in the meantime of the Congresses – the first national Conference CHISA was held in 1956, more then a half century ago. Congresses CHISA are organised by Czech society of chemical engineering with the close cooperation of the Institute of Chemical Processes AV ČR and with the support of the Engineering Academy ČR and VŠCHT Praha as well. There is more then 5000 scientists from all over the world participating in these Congresses.

Every even year a big international Congress CHISA is taking place in Prague, every odd year a national Conference is held in Srní, Šumava.

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